Friday, October 15, 2004


Everything is on the World-Wide Web nowadays. It is almost a necessity for any profession that one has the capabilities to design and create webpages. Webpages are used for numerous things varying from advertising a business, supplying information, or providing entertainment. For a webpage to be effective, proper training is required. For example, a key element of an effective webpage would be keeping things accessible and easy for visitors to the site. This is possible by creating tables and tables within tables. I had a lot of fun creating webpages and know this skill will come in handy in the near future. I wish we switched professors and topics in other classes every two weeks. It makes going to class enjoyable, because it never gets boring and we've been learning new and exciting things each week.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Saying goodbye to the's so sad.

These past couple of weeks have been so much fun! I love working with computers and learning about new things. I especially enjoyed learning how to make a webpage and learning about Finale. Except now that I know how to navigate my way through Finale, my mom is going to give me all her pieces she wants transposed so I can do them in my spare time. HA...spare time! Anyway, it's kinda sad that we don't get to experience any more Indian Ragas, or making instruments out of stuff we have at home, or performing for everyone. I love our mentor group and I had fun these past weeks learning with you guys. Now we have to crack down and read and write about stuff in our regular seminar. I did really enjoy the variety though. It spiced things up a bit! Have a great break everyone! I'll miss you!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

WEb Page...

We are now making our own webpage, which is very fun but also very difficult. There are MANY things you must remember when making a webpage the correct way. If you want to put a picture on your page, or a sound clip, it must be converted into the correct file. For instance, if you want a picture up, you have to first save it as a jif, then copy it onto paint, then save it there as a gif file, and then bring it up on your webpage as a gif file! There are also many steps to the recordings. However, once you have done all these steps, the effect is really cool. For my site, I have a section of a piece on sheet music and then under it you can hear what you're looking at! Another exciting thing this week, is the fact that we are getting the songs that we wrote put onto a CD. It really is incredible what all you can do with the programs in the MITC lab.
Think about this: I take a picture of my car 6 months ago. I put the picture of my car onto my computer. I then transfer that picture to the computer I have here at DePauw. I then send that to the computer I am working on in the MITC lab. Finally, we learn how to make a webpage and I put this picture of my car on it, for EVERYONE to see! Wow! Also as neat- I write a little piece of music that I enjoy. I record it onto the computer simply by playing it into finale. I do all of the confusing steps to transfer it to the right file. Now everyone can listen to my little composition!
I've really enjoyed this section of FYS.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

I Have A Dog!!!

That is the Name of the song that I wrote in the MITC Lab this week it was so cool. Ilearned so much about music technology that I would Have never dreamed of ever Knowing. We learned how to make sound files to put onto to web pages . There is no limit to what you can do with the amount of music technology available to all musicians. My favorite program now is ACID pro its so cool to make you own techno songs I LOVE ALL MUSIC TECHNOLOGY. It rocks my face off.

Music on the computer..

Just like the other sections of this seminar, I have really enjoyed the technology part of the FYS. I have also used a little bit of Finale 2003, but never 2004. This version is great and is VERY helpful and pretty easy to use. One of the great parts about this is the fact that you can play music on the keyboard and it will just show up right on the screen. I have noticed that for some people it is hard to do this, because they don't have great piano skills, however, I think this is great for them also. Not only are they learning about the technology, but they are also getting better at playing the piano. There are many things to learn and take out of this class. I have also noticed with myself, that this has really made me compose more. Not only is it fun for me, but now it is so much faster. I really would like to get a keyboard and connect it to my computer in my room. It would be such a benefit for me, except maybe the fact that I wouldn't get sleep anymore.
In the acid program we have an assignment to compose our own piece using loops, which are small sections of music that repeat, and it has to have some kind of form (ex.- ABA). Although this takes lots of time, it is a really cool program. I myself, am composing a little bit of techno mixed with some strings. This is really a great experience, and I'm looking forward to another week of it!


Well, this week was awesome. I really have an affinity for music technology and using programs like Finale and Acid to create music. I was familiar with the earlier versions of Finale- we used the 2002 addition in a class I took, but this 2004 has a lot more options and is more user-friendly. It's awesome that we took the time to learn about it in depth because we can use it for so many different things: composing, harmonic analysis, rhythmic dictation (as Stacey learned), making original, older scores look newer and easier to read, etc. Acid is just really fun to put all the different sounds together to make music. But it's insane how long it takes to do it! I took about 10 minutes or so to make 9.1 seconds of music in Acid. And then I forgot to save it.... Anyway, Music Technology is definitely very important in this world and I think that we are really lucky to have the opportunity to learn about it.

Music Technology...Week 1

This past week has been spent in the MITC lab trying to learn just the basics of Finale and the ACID program. In my opinion, the importance of being familiar with it cannot be underestimated, even if it feels like it would still be faster by hand. Regardless of our major, we will need to be able to navigate through these programs. If you are music ed, you will need it for obvious reasons (rescoring, transposing, etc.), but the rest of us will probably need to use a notation program for one thing or another at some point in our hopefully long and prosperous music careers. My dad has been strongly encouraging me for the last two years to become comfortable using Finale. I took a Finale class with him about four or five years ago, but the program has changed drastically and very little of that knowledge applies to this newer version. I did make Finale a small part of my music independent study last year so that I could arrange a piece for our horn section, but that is really the extent that I have used it recently. I have never really had the time to sit down and figure it out, so I am very glad that we are getting the opportunity to learn it now.
Although we have only used it for one day so far, the ACID program seems really fun to work with also. I am by no means an avid composer, so perhaps this is just the tool that I need to get me to do even a little bit of it. Again, my dad has always encouraged me to compose, but I have never really taken an interest in it, but perhaps after using this program, I’ll give it another shot. I do know that I am very happy that we are being exposed to these programs now though because the technology is changing so rapidly and I usually don’t have the time to figure these programs out through trial and error. It is nice to have somebody explain the basics to us and let us continue to explore if we want to on our own.

Music Technology

Wow! This week has been an eye opener to the power of technology in music. Finale really makes things so much simpler in musis composition. Before finale, composers had to notate everything by hand and this costs extra valuable hours that could have been used to compose more music. Also, finale makes reading the work of a composer simple for everyone, and it also facilitates the mass distribution of music via the internet. Composers can now easily share their work across thousands of miles in a second. In the days of classical composers, each composer had to hand notate an entire score, and then the score had to go to a publisher to be printed. This process was very time consuming and expensive. Also, technology allows musicians to easily edit sound files. This technology has greatly increased the quality of sound recordings. I think everyone has listened to an old recording with poor sound quality. Thanks to new digital technology, not only can sound engineers record high quality files, they can also remaster old recordings such as those of Caruso, and improve the sound quality.