Sunday, October 17, 2004

Technology Blog (During Fall Break :) )

Hi everyone. I hope that your fall breaks are all going well. I went up to the lake today which was very nice (quite chilly too I might add). Is anyone having trouble getting into their Tigermail from their home computer? If so and you have solved the problem, email me at (not Tigermail account for obvious reasons). Thanks.

Anyways, back to the topic of seminar. This past week of seminar contained a large amount of information that we will for sure need in the next four years and will probably also need in some form afterwards. It amazed me how much the Finale technology really has changed just in the past couple of years. I was joking around the other day about how the technology is improving so fast that is going to sounds better than live musicians in just a few years. I went to a 2004 Finale demo that Coda music was doing for the music educators at my high school. One of the many things he showed was the difference in sounds quality between the previous versions and this current one. The difference really did sound like night and day. It was absolutely astounding. There is no doubt in my mind that soon musicians, especially recording or pit musicians, could be replaced without much notice. It makes all of us as musicians really pretty nervous about what is in store for us, but at the same time, the new technology that comes out is very exciting for the music industry. It will be interesting in the next few years to see how music and technology combine in this rapidly changing industry.