Monday, October 04, 2004

The Rhythm of Searches

In the last 100 referrals to this blog, 10 were google searches for "hemiola," 5 were for "imitative counterpoint," 5 were for some variant on "idiophones membranophones aerophones and chordophones," and one search each for "Antecedent and consequent," "understanding musical meter," "define nonmetric," (good thing you found it Jessi!), "Simple meter and compound meter," "ostinato," and "baliwood musical."(And so Shua takes over the internet.)

In addition, Roger Robert Gable has written an article for NewMusicBox about music blogging, in which he mentions The Musical Crematorium:
 Already, blogs are subdividing into various specialties. Examples of the diversity include a personal view, a broad set of entertainment and culture criticism, life in a particular urban center, a geographic and personal view, an American heartland cultural focus, an English cultural focus, a classical music blog written in Italian, classical music news, CD release news, online contemporary music, a blog written by a college class describing musical terminology, a conversation of music critics (and others) , Elvis Costello news and gossip, and reviews (in order) of UK #1 hits since 1952. Specialized by utility rather than content, MP3 blogs provide (or link to), hopefully legal, MP3-formatted sound files of merit for download. Examples include older pop music, current art-pop music, or better yet, aggregated MP3 blogs.

The "blog written by a college class describing musical terminology" links directly to this blog. Several visitors have come to this site because of that link.

Good work, everybody.