Tuesday, November 30, 2004

More stuff about being a singer

"Pursuing the Wrong Dream" By: Heather Antonissen
Classical Singer, November 2004

A singer's life is filled with conflict and struggle. Most of this struggle comes from within the singer as they face challenges. These challenges include staying healthy, having a fulfilling career and enjoying loving relationships. Often these desires are tainted by the attachment of a deeper emotional need. When the desire is obtained the emotional need is still unsatisfied or when the desire is obtained the emotional need grows even stronger. To ultimately find happiness, a singer must look within and examine their motives.

"What Not to Sing" By: Sharon Mabry
Journal of Singing, Volume 61, No. 2, November/December 2004

Compares the popular TV show What Not to Wear and the selection of attire with the singers selection of vocal repertoire. Explores date consciousness, fit, length, texture of material, color, appropriateness, and style. Just as an individual body must be taken into consideration when choosing attire so must an individual voice by taken into consideration when choosing repertoire. Choosing appropriate repertoire leads to a better vocal self image, self-confidence, and a clearer career direction.