Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Lip Care and Orff

Teaching Music
"Orff Techniques to Freshen Up Band Rehearsal"
By Dale Misenhelter

A traditional approach from the general music class room offers fresh possibilities for ensemble directors and provides a variety of methods for effectively teaching music concepts. The general music idea was created by Orff Schulwerk and is often associated with younger students and pitched percussive instruments. Orff-Schulwerk strategies can help band students understand advanced rhythm patterns, explore beat and meter, enlarge melodic and harmonic vocabulary and improvement of improvisation. One way to work on rhythm is to develop a layered, ostinato-based improvisation using only body percussion. Many other strategies are given about beat, meter, harmony, melody, composition, and improvisation. Focusing on these fundamental concepts will improve a students understanding and performance of music.

The Instrumentalist
"Take Care of Your Lips"
By Heather Rentz

For brass and woodwind players chapped lips and colds sore can impede good tone quality and comfort while playing. Cold sores can be triggered by stress, a weak immune system, overexposure to sunlight and chapped lips. It can take up to three weeks for a cold sore to heal. This may be very troublesome if the wind player if they have an audition or recital while they have a cold sore. There are a variety of lip balms and ointments available for coping with chapped lips and cold sores. When choosing a lip ointment or balm one should ask this question: Is this product for chapped lips or cold sores? The reason for this question is because cold sores need to be dried out and chapped lips need to be moisturized. Using the wrong product can cause your specific problem to become worse; drying your chapped lips or moisturizing your cold sore. Suggested brands for cold sores include Carmex, Super Lysine Plus, and Campho-phenique. There is also a recipe for a lip balm that has proven very useful for moisturizing dry, chapped lips.