Sunday, November 14, 2004

Horn Excerpts--Tutti Horns

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This section of the book deals with the Horn tutti's found in many orchestral pieces. There are many different selections, Some are fortissimo, others are piano. What they all have in common is that the entire horn section is playing as a whole. Tuning is very important when the horns are playing in unison or in octaves. The following excerpts are good to know if you plan on playing in an orchestra in the future. Each of the following excerpt will have an audio and visual attachment, as well as a small explanation of how each excerpt should be approached.

Brahms Symphony No. 4, op. 98
Horn 3+4 have very exposed parts. Unison horns in the first 4 measures. Woodwinds enter in the second measure. Tuning is of the utmost importance. Play the excerpt with a full sound. Articulations have a legato tongue. Pay special attention to the diminuendo at the end of measure 3.

Mahler Symphony No. 1--excerpt 1
Horns 1,3,6 and 2,4,7 in octaves. 2,4,7 horns in very low octave. Make sure you begin on the correct note. To get a clearer sound on the 2,4,7 horn part try playing it on the Bb side of the horn(may be a little sharp) Legato tongue for this area to but do not lose control of the tone quality.

Mahler Symphony No. 1--excerpt 2
Have an extremely pointed attack for each note. Played fortissimo, but 1,3,5,6 horns pace yourselves you have the higher octaves, no need to play extremely loud. Though this section is loud, tuning in the octaves are still extremely important. Any note that is dotted release it early for space. This is the Finale of the symphony, play extremely heroically.

Shostakovich Symphony No. 5, op. 47--excerpt 1
Low horn unison in all horn parts. Very eerie, mysterious and imposing. Tuning here is very important due to the unison. Do not play too quietly. The notes are not slurred together. Hold each note for its fullest length.

Shostakovich Symphony No. 5, op. 47--excerpt 2
This excerpt is extremely difficult. The entire orchestra is playing in unison at this point. Rhythmic integrity is especially important in this passage. The proper articulations are a must. Tuning is a must here because if you one players' inntonation is off then the unison effect will not occur.

Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 4 excerpt--1
Horns are in unison octaves in the beginning. Fortissimo because only part going on in the beginning. 1,3 + 2,4 are respectively in unison at the start. As with all horn tutti tuning is a must.

Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 4
Horn tutti exposed, strings and woodwinds in background. Very simple to rush the rhythms. As always remember your tuning. Articulations should be very light. Use a "ta" tongue not "da". Seperation between each note keeps it moving foward while at the same time prevents rushing.

Remember these rules for playing tutti horn:
1)Watch the your intonation
2)Keep the same articulation
3)Keep rhythmic integrity