Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Journal of Singing-"What not to sing"

The author compared choosing a repertoire to choosing a wardrobe. Some topics discussed were choosing songs from appropriate time periods and of proper length. Like the texture of a fabric, the texture of a song should fit a singers voice. Specific pitfalls mentioned included the fact that certain instruments might sound bad with a singers timbre. Secondly, some songs are too big for a particular singer's voice. Finally, it is important to choose songs from appropriate time periods.

Journal of Singing-"how to sing Recitative"

Recitative is difficult to sing; this is a commonly accepted fact. To make recitative easier, there are several things a singer can do. First, singers should treat recit like a monologue and make it as speech like as possible. Recitative is the musical expression of speech, so it also helps to understand the language being sung. To actually memorize the notes, a singer should study the underlying harmonies. Finally, it always helps to study good performers and learn from them.