Saturday, October 09, 2004

Where did the hours go?

I just got back from the MITC lab and what seemed like only 30 minutes passed was actually 3 hours. I barely even got anything accomplished and could have stayed many hours longer if I hadn't remembered to write a post. For this portion of our First-Year Seminar, each member of the class is composing pieces using loops with the program Sonic ACID. It is not complicated and a lot of fun. For our homework I started creating a jazz piece, but then saw many interesting loops and decided to experiment and ended up making an Indian piece. After being shown the exciting things in the MITC lab, I think I would be perfectly content spending a whole weekend there.
Speaking of Indian music, The Srinivas Krishnan Ensemble concert on Tuesday was amazing. The performers were so talented and entertaining. It was hilarious when Srinivas Krishnan started rapping. After taking the portion of our seminar on Indian music I really appreciated the concert, and felt it was an incredible opportunity--not every school has musician from India come and perform!