Wednesday, October 13, 2004

WEb Page...

We are now making our own webpage, which is very fun but also very difficult. There are MANY things you must remember when making a webpage the correct way. If you want to put a picture on your page, or a sound clip, it must be converted into the correct file. For instance, if you want a picture up, you have to first save it as a jif, then copy it onto paint, then save it there as a gif file, and then bring it up on your webpage as a gif file! There are also many steps to the recordings. However, once you have done all these steps, the effect is really cool. For my site, I have a section of a piece on sheet music and then under it you can hear what you're looking at! Another exciting thing this week, is the fact that we are getting the songs that we wrote put onto a CD. It really is incredible what all you can do with the programs in the MITC lab.
Think about this: I take a picture of my car 6 months ago. I put the picture of my car onto my computer. I then transfer that picture to the computer I have here at DePauw. I then send that to the computer I am working on in the MITC lab. Finally, we learn how to make a webpage and I put this picture of my car on it, for EVERYONE to see! Wow! Also as neat- I write a little piece of music that I enjoy. I record it onto the computer simply by playing it into finale. I do all of the confusing steps to transfer it to the right file. Now everyone can listen to my little composition!
I've really enjoyed this section of FYS.