Sunday, October 24, 2004

The Rotation and becoming a professional musician

I only wish we had more time to cover other areas of music. There is so much out there to learn about music. It's not all theory, diction, and lessons. Professor Randall sent her Italian diction classes an interesting email about being a professional musician. The article talked how colleges train excellent musicians but not always good professionals. There is more to music than just technique. This article talked about the necessary skills in the professional music world, such as the ability to interview, write a resume, and act professional around colleagues. Also, the article talked about the fiercer competition in the professional world, which includes people of many experience levels unlike college. I think that this rotation really imparted some of those skills necessary to be a good professional. I found the performance technique portion especially helpful. Another valid point that this article made was that in the professional world, the competition is for the next paycheck. Wow! That sure puts things into perspective, and I have definitely heard this said by several of the professors here at Depauw. I think that, so far, the first year seminar has been preparing us for these harsh realities by opening our eyes to the many areas in music.