Sunday, October 10, 2004

Music Technology

Wow! This week has been an eye opener to the power of technology in music. Finale really makes things so much simpler in musis composition. Before finale, composers had to notate everything by hand and this costs extra valuable hours that could have been used to compose more music. Also, finale makes reading the work of a composer simple for everyone, and it also facilitates the mass distribution of music via the internet. Composers can now easily share their work across thousands of miles in a second. In the days of classical composers, each composer had to hand notate an entire score, and then the score had to go to a publisher to be printed. This process was very time consuming and expensive. Also, technology allows musicians to easily edit sound files. This technology has greatly increased the quality of sound recordings. I think everyone has listened to an old recording with poor sound quality. Thanks to new digital technology, not only can sound engineers record high quality files, they can also remaster old recordings such as those of Caruso, and improve the sound quality.