Sunday, October 10, 2004


Well, this week was awesome. I really have an affinity for music technology and using programs like Finale and Acid to create music. I was familiar with the earlier versions of Finale- we used the 2002 addition in a class I took, but this 2004 has a lot more options and is more user-friendly. It's awesome that we took the time to learn about it in depth because we can use it for so many different things: composing, harmonic analysis, rhythmic dictation (as Stacey learned), making original, older scores look newer and easier to read, etc. Acid is just really fun to put all the different sounds together to make music. But it's insane how long it takes to do it! I took about 10 minutes or so to make 9.1 seconds of music in Acid. And then I forgot to save it.... Anyway, Music Technology is definitely very important in this world and I think that we are really lucky to have the opportunity to learn about it.