Sunday, October 03, 2004

Divas/Divos at Depauw

Wow! This week has been awesome in class. You guys are all divos and divas! I mean that in the sense that you are all amazing performers. This week has been a great learning experience, especially educating was watching others perform. I saw some people make some performance mistakes that I am guilty of, and I think this helped us all see some of our own performance weak points in clearer light. Also, we were able to see eachother's strengths. This helped us all to know what steps we can take to improve our presentation when performing. Lastly, Professor Foy's advice proved invaluable. He really helped me rethink some bad habits and how to overcome them. I never thought that looking at the audience and acknowledging them would actually help alleviate tension on stage, but it sure works wonders. No matter how good a person is technically, their performance is missing something without the necessary connection to the song being performed and the audience. These past two weeks have proved invaluable in showing us how to truly wow the audience with our performance rather than just our technique.