Sunday, October 03, 2004

Creative Performances

I agree with everyone that has said that this FYS is vitally important to our growth as musicians. Two weeks ago, we were able to experience other cultures and their music. We grew an appreciation for all the differences in style and learned a lot of facts about Southern Indian music (and sang ragas together into the night). These last few weeks have been just as meaningful in that we learned so much about creativity. I had so much fun making all the instruments and performing rain storms and trains and just getting into the music we made with our ad hoc instruments. It's awesome how an audience can be just as captivated in our performances with the homemade instruments as they could be in a performance of piano duets or whatever. It's also amazing how I, as a performer, could be just as passionate about the performace on my water bottle as I am on the piano.
I think it was awesome that we got to see each other's resumes. I'm glad I had one written already and merely had to revise it, but I think it really helped having someone critique it and now I realize how far I have to go in the next four years.. it's a bit overwhelming but I think I'm up for the challenge.
Finally, performing for each other, really made my views of all the people in our group change. I no longer see Shua as simply a crazy kid that likes to bang pots and pans together, or Lindsay as the little quiet one that needs to talk more (not to pick on anyone imparticular), but I see everyone as a performer, as a horn, a pianist, or a vocal performer. I think that opportunity to perform for each other was priceless. I know I was insanely nervous, my hands were shaking so badly and I was only playing for the 8 of you. But it all turned out wonderfully. So thanks for another great 2 weeks!! I'm looking forward to this Technology Lab...