Sunday, October 31, 2004

Barbara Pare & John Clodfelter..

Voice Recital
Barbara Pare
John Clodfelter

This recital had many shining moments and was very well done by both performers. The audience showed their appreciation by a standing ovation after Pare and Clodfelter walked off stage and back on for a second applause.
As the first song started, Pare kept her character from the very start to the very end of the piece (Giulio Cesare – Handel). Clodfelter’s piano playing was practically flawless throughout the entire concert. The piano really helped set the mood of the first song with great contrasting dynamics. Her acting really made the performance more enjoyable too. I noticed right from the beginning of this song that she felt very comfortable on stage, and had lots of experience. Throughout the whole performance you could see the preparation going on in her mind before the music even began for each song. The first song was very pretty and she had great diction and pronunciation throughout it. Also, at the middle or end of the song, both the piano and voice had a great contrast of mood, dynamics, and intensity. There was great intensity by both of them. It was really nice and noticeable that their outfits matched.
One thing that I did notice was that their bows at the beginning and end were not together. Before one song, Clodfelter bowed before Pare was even set on stage. I also noticed during a few of the songs, that Clodfelter was singing to himself. He was saying the words to himself and you could tell if you watched his mouth. Another thing I found distracting was when she would use music for certain songs. I felt like she wasn’t acting out the songs near as much when she used music. When the music wasn’t there I really enjoyed her acting along with the singing. Her voice was beautiful, and I could have listened to her for another hour or longer! Jon Clodfelter’s piano playing was incredible. They really worked/performed very well together. They both had very good control through all of the pieces.
In the second act, I noticed again that using the music was distracting. She would look out to the audience and you would really feel the music, and then it would be gone when she would look away and back down at the music. During the 3rd song (Bunte Lieder, Op.2 – Szymanowski), together they were perfect on the breaks/rests and all of her jumps from high to low notes were very smooth and well done. Also, at the end of the song there was a great fade to nothing at the end, which was very musical and pleasant. In the next song, the music was gone, and she was in character throughout the entire piece. It was incredible to listen to her, and I really noticed her big voice in this piece. The next two pieces really showed how amazing both of their technique is. Also, you could really understand the words throughout the next piece.
The last piece of the performance(The Pocketbook – Cipullo) was really enjoyable, and from the reactions was many people’s favorite. Both performers did a great job of controlling the piece, and not letting it get to crazy. It was very funny to see, and when Clodfelter sang out in the middle of the piece the audience was hysterical! They were both very confident with the piece and I really enjoyed them interacting with each other throughout the piece. Overall, this was a great performance and I really enjoyed seeing/hearing it. It was very worth my time and a pleasure to be there!