Monday, September 27, 2004

The Train!...

Today, we created a train. Although we didn't prepare the train, it turned out quite well. We were told to create a machine with our instruments that we brought in from last week. Some of the instruments that we had were, coat hangers, bottles of water, a cardboard box, a halfway filled tin of cashews, etc.. Although we only put this performance together in about 5-10minutes, it turned out great! It was very unique that each individual instrument served its own purpose. Also, without one of the instruments it would not have sounded the same. "The Train" needed each sound to really deliver the whole event of the train routine. One thing that interests me is that each time we have tried to immate things that happen, we have done in the same way. We start slow or quiet, then progress to a faster speed and/or louder, and then eventually come back to nothing again. With the rainstorm, we started quiet and got really loud, then came back to nothing again. In some cases, this is what really happens, however, I have heard/seen many rainstorms that just randomly start hard.
It is very interesting to me that many objects just lying around can really serve as musical instruments. It all depends on how creative you can be. A great point brought up about this event that we did today was the fact that doing this performance really relates to a real musical concert. In an orchestra, there are many instruments and although some play more often than others, it does not make them more or less important. One might sit for half of the piece, but when they come in to play it is very important. In our train, if one person would have not played it would have really changed the sound. We needed each individual noise to complete the train. Everyone has to play together, and listen to eachother. In situations like these, you are performing as a group, NOT a soloist. Without the blend of eachother, you would not complete the sound/piece that you are trying to perform.