Friday, September 10, 2004

So doing all those definitions was good after all.

So while reading the book about Southern Indian music I came across the words, idiophone, membranophone, and chordophone. I was very excited when I saw these words because I knew what they meant! Thanks to doing definitions I was able to understand the descriptions of Southern Indian instruments. So now for some deeper reflections.
This portion of the First Year Seminar has been extremely interesting. Sometimes as Westerners we forget about the rest of the world. We also sometimes feel that our way of doing things is superior. However, this week I have learned how beautiful and complex other types of music can be. I have learned that other cultures place just as much reverence and dedication upon their musicians. And I have learned that their is a huge world full of music for us to explore.

Update: Sept. 13th, 9:04 pm
I think that music could help solve a whole bunch of the problems in this world. Through music one could learn to appreciate another culture, thus losing the pompous attitude many people have. However many people are too closed minded to even think of the possibility of exploring another culture. Things that are unknown are scary and so many lose the opportunity to see beauty. And nothing is better than the beauty of this world, its peoples, and their creations.