Thursday, September 09, 2004

Ragas are the coolest!!

Wow...this class has been so much fun. I had no idea that the Indians were so talented. I find it very interesting that they just learn from hearing what their guru does and then they repeat it. I personally would like learning that way because it's easier for me to hear something then to try and figure it out on my own. Plus the instruments they use are so authentic and unique sounding that it makes our instruments seem boring.
Learning the ragas has been a lot of fun. With Josh carrying around the sruti box, we had no problem practicing and annoying others around us. No i'm just kidding. The sruti box is so neat to listen to. It just looks like a regular wooden box but really it's kind of like an accordian type thing that you pump with your hand to keep the pitch going. The sruti box acts like the drone to help you sing the Indian scale. The scale is so much fun to sing you have no idea.
This class has been very good for me because I haven't been able to experience any other culture then that of the U.S. Plus, listening to Dr. Johnson's stories has been very interesting and very educational.