Sunday, September 26, 2004

Performance Savoir-faire

I am excited about the Performance techniques part of our rotation! As first year music majors, we all have a great deal to learn in this area, and I for one have already learned many valuable things from Professor Foy. The information he gave us about performance resumes was absolutely vital. We will all have to apply for jobs after we graduate from the school of music, and most likely before then. The advice he gave us about being confident but not cocky, and about trying to get along with whomever we work is important for any profession. He also taught us the importance of setting goals, and giving a professional presentation of ourselves. Also, the improvisation exercises we have done have already taught me a great deal about conveying a musical idea. The most appealing aspect of any musician is their ability to convey the true meaning of a piece through musical expression, and these improvisation exercises have taught us all how to take an abstract idea and turn it into a musical concept. I am looking forward to seeing what this class will teach us in the upcoming week.