Thursday, September 23, 2004

My personal fridge time...

No, I'm not referring to eating, nor cooling myself down on a hot day. The Depauw practice rooms oddly remind me of big refrigerators; they have lights, and the temperature is controllable.
Today in our new rotation of first year seminar, we talked about practicing. Well, here at Depauw, I've had a difficult time getting into the grove of practicing. Talking with Professor Foy made me seriously consider my efforts in the practice room. I realized that I don't only need to practice the music I must practice, but also practice the music I want to practice. So today, before I even started my serious work, I played around on the piano. I played through some pieces I had composed. I sang pop songs. I closed my eyes and loved the music. After my little "warmup" I had one of the best serious practice sessions that I've had here.
Dr. Irwin said something else to me in my lesson today that got me to think. He told me that I "have all three; the voice, the brain, and the heart." Well, it's great that I posses all of those skills, however if I don't cultivate all three, simultaneously, then I'll never fully grow as a musician.
So from now on when I enter into a "fridge," I must remember not only to sing well, but to actively learn, and love the music I am making. Practice rooms are like refrigerators in another way; they keep musicians from spoiling.