Sunday, September 12, 2004

My Legs Still Ache.....

Wow! This first week in the Indian music seminar was so cool. I would have never guessed that their music was so intricate and sophisticated. The first thing in class we did everyday was begin with a raga. We also learned about the many different types of Indian musical instruments. The part of India we are learning about is the southern half. Learning about their music has also given me a greater understanding of the many, many, many, many different types of music out there. It shows that what we learn in music is only a very small fraction of what there actually is to learn. Sitting "Indian style" was hard on my legs, but I ready for the next week to what it can.

UPDATE!!!!! I forgot to mention Baliwood. So according to our guru Baliwood music is their equivalent to our Brittany Spears, well sort of. The neat thing about Baliwood is that they come out with the sound track even before the movie comes out. So they know all the songs way before the movie comes out so if the movie has a bad sound track the movie will do very badly. If you are going to watch a baliwood film make sure you like musical interludes, because about one third of the movie is music and dancing, sort of like Broadway. Also Baliwood comes out with 4x's as many movies than that of Hollywood. Also the movies are about 3 hours long, this is because the Indians want their entertainment to last the entire night. So they wont have to worry about doing anything afterwards.