Thursday, September 16, 2004

Indians, the ultimate multi-taskers

Has anyone else noticed how much Indian musicians have to multi-task? It's crazy! Indian singers keep tala with their hands and sing the syllables at the same time. Not to mention dealing with all of the noise in the background. A typical Indian concert has people going in and out, people keeping Tala with the musicians, and others just noisily having a good time. Can you imagine someone doing any of these things at a Western classical concert? They'd probably get thrown ou. Indian musicians also do oodle of improvising, which is challenging also, and they somehow manage to stay together throughout the craziest changes in pitch, rhythmn, and tempo. Indian musicians have amazing ears to be able to keep up with a vocalist who is just winging it. Before this class, I thought of Indian music as folksy and kind of primitive, but now I have a new found respect for these talented musicians.