Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Indian Concerts

Even though it's only been 1 week and 2 days in this class, i feel like i've learned so much. All of the ragas, and just listening to that twenty five minute piece was amazing! Then to learn that that was the shortest song Dr. Johnson could find. I can't believe those concerts go on for hours and hours...I don't know how the performers do it! Dr. Johnson also said that while at these concerts the people in the audience sit as close as possible to each other so there is no open space, and while the audience is listening and enjoying they keep tala (tempo) for the performers. It was also interesting comparing the Indian way of being an audience member and our way. If you went to one of our concerts and started slapping your leg to keep the tempo, or if you just got up and walked out then the performers would get very insulted. Although if you don't slap on your leg and wobble your head in India during a performance then that's considered insulting. I just love that I'm getting exposed to this type of music!