Sunday, September 26, 2004

The Art of Performing

So I am definitely all for this "first year seminar" thing. I am learning so much about myself as a person AND as a musician that I can hardly believe it! First with the ragas, I really didn't think things could get much better from there, but apparently they can. Some of my friends outside the Music School were commenting on how the projects we did in the Music School (like make homemade instruments) reminded them of first-graders. I guess that makes sense to me, but I think that all of us can learn something from remembering and repeating things we did when we were 6, 7, or 8. Children this age can teach us a lot about creativity. I thought it was amazing that the two groups, for both projects intrepreted things so differently, but the rain storm was definitely my favorite. The portrayals of the same event were completely different and both were completely correct, it was crazy! And like Prof. Foy said, it was just as easy to get immersed in the rain storm as it was to be immersed in a professional concert. Performing and practicing are both arts that we can all really improve on during our time here.
And it's also wonderful that we are able to put a professional spin on all this "first-grader-ish-ness" by talking about our performance and career goals and making resumes. I'm really excited for this coming week, and to perform for each other.