Tuesday, August 31, 2004

NON-METRIC and yes i found it!!!!

Nonmetric, which you would think should be in every musical dictionary along with "meter" actually turned out to quite an adventure to track down. (ok not really, all I did was search for it at www.google.com and found like... 3 or so sites that actually had what I was looking for) Nonmetric is the exact definition of what you would expect also. Taking the definition of "meter," add "not" and you get get nonmetrical. Hence, nonmetrical is defined as "with a veiled pulse." Also, "no sense of underlying pulse," and "without any strong sense of beat." This music usually occurs in non-Western cultures and "lacks a strong sense of beat or meter." That about sums it up.

Sources: www.essentialsofmusic.com/glossary

Many Gregorian chants are very nonmetric sounding. This is because much of the choral music from those times was written in fact with no meter!