Monday, August 30, 2004

"I've got rhythmn, I've got music'

What would music be without rhythmn? Pretty boring. Rhythmn is the space between two notes and the duration of those notes. Rhythmn is one of the fundamental building blocks of music. The term rhythmn comes from the greek word rhythmus and it was once thought to mean flow, but experts later decided that it probably actually meant to uphold or maintain. To better understand rhythmn it is helpful to know the meanings of meter and tempo. Tempo is the speed of a song while meter is the pattern in which rhythmns are organized. Rhythmn can also be referred to in a more general sense as it relates to melody and harmony. Some examples of rhythmn are two against three, a run of sixteenth notes. (For more just crack open a piece of music and see for yourself)

Source: The New Harvard Musical Dictionary 4 ed. Editor: Don Randel Article: Rhythmn