Sunday, August 29, 2004

Binary Form(Not a science term)

When I first saw the term binary form I was very confused. I thought it had something to do with the biology of music or something weird like that, but the I looked up the definition and saw that it had to do with two sections of music that relate to one another. So my definition of binary form is that there are two sections of music that both repeat. The first section(A*) doesn't actually resolve until the second section(B*). When I say resolve, I mean that A* doesn't go back to the tonic until B*. Example: A* starts off in the key of D Major but ends in the key of A Major through modulation, thus it has not resolved yet. But B* starts off in the key A* ended with and finishes with what A* began with. This can bee seen in a lot in the Baroque Period of music.

UPDATE!!!!!!!!According to Tonal Harmony, in music binary form is one that consists of two approximately equvilent section, although they may be of unequal length.